Webcenter Training in Hyderabad

WebCenter 11g  Training Contents

Introduction to WebCenter 11g
  Describing WebCenter 11g architecture
  Why WebCenter?
  Describing WebCenter as a portal framework
  Capabilities of WebCenter Framework

Getting Started with JDeveloper for WebCenter
  Updating JDeveloper with WebCenter extension.
  Creating applications, projects, and connections in JDeveloper
  Explore WebCenter services
  To do(Preparation) for below Tutorial Application

Fusion Middleware Administration
  Introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware
  Understanding Key Oracle Fusion Middleware Concepts
  What Is an Oracle Weblogic Server Domain?
  What Is an Oracle Instance?
  What Is a Middleware Home?
  What Is a Weblogic Server Home?
  What Is an Oracle Home and the Oracle Common Home
  What Is the Oracle Metadata Repository
  Getting Started Using Oracle Enterprise Manager  Fusion Middleware
  Getting Started Using Oracle Weblogic Server Administration Console
  Starting and Stopping Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle Composer
  What is customization?
  Create a Custom WebCenter Application
  Add the Resource Files to the Application 
  Create a Page
  Add Layout Components to the Page
  Add Oracle Composer to the Page to Enable Customization
 Customize the Page at Runtime Using Oracle Composer

·         Introduction to ADF Security
·         Add ADF Security to the Application
·         Create Users and Roles for the Application
·         Add ADF Security Policies to the Application                                               
·         Add a Login/Logout Link to the Application and Update the Login Page

Oracle WebCenter Services
  Introduction to WebCenter Services
  Add the Search Toolbar Task Flow to the Application
  Create a Connection for the Documents Service
  Add the Documents - Document Manager Task Flow to Your Application
  Browse Documents at Runtime
  Create a Database Connection to the WebCenter Schema
  Add the Tags Service to Your Application
  Use, Add, and Search Tags in Your Application at Runtime
  Use the Links Service in Your Application at Runtime

  Introduction to Portlet
  Introduction to JSR 168 and JSR 286.
  Create a Standards-Based Java (JSR 286) Portlet
  Test and Deploy the Standards-Based Portlet
  Register the Standards-Based Portlet with Your Application
  Test the Standards-Based Portlet in Your Application
  Register the Preconfigured Portlet Producer
  Add an OmniPortlet to Your Page 
  Define OmniPortlet at Runtime
  Wire the Standards-Based Portlet and OmniPortlet Together
  Test the Interaction Between the Portlets

  Introduction to Skin
  Change the Application Look and Feel Using a Skin
  Personalize One User's Page

  Introduction to Collaboration
  Introduction to Discussion forum
  Integration of Discussion forum with WebCenter

·         Deploying WebCenter Applications
  • ·         Creating Deployment Profiles
  • ·         Configuring Deployment Options
  • ·         Deploying an application with JDeveloper
  • ·         Deploying an application with Weblogic Server EM Console

WebCenter Space
  • ·         Introducing the WebCenter Spaces Application
  • ·         Understanding the WebCenter Spaces Application
  • ·         Understanding the Sidebar and Personal and Group Spaces
  • ·         Understanding Oracle Composer

Learning WebCenter Application as a User
  Registering Yourself with WebCenter Spaces
  Logging In and Out of WebCenter Spaces
  Getting to Know Your Personal Space
  Hiding, Showing, Opening, and Closing Pages 
  Accessing WebCenter Spaces Online Help
  Contacting Your Application Administrator
  Opening Pages
  Hiding Pages
  Showing Hidden Pages
  Opening Group Spaces
  Closing Group Spaces and Other Top-Level Tabs
  Accessing a Space or Page Actions Menu
  Sending a Message to Group Space Members
  Sending a Message to a Group Space's Moderators
  Exposing a Group Space Page in Your Personal Space
  Renaming a Page
  Sending a Link to a Page
  Previewing and Printing an Application Page
  Viewing Space and Page Information
  Obtaining a Group Space's Internal ID or a Group Space or Page's Direct URL
Organizing WebCenter Application as a User
  Setting Personal Preferences
  Personalizing Page View
  Choosing Your Preferred Display Language
  Setting Date and Time Preferences
  Enabling or Disabling Screen Reader Optimization
  Changing Your Application Look and Feel
  Changing Your WebCenter Password
  Providing Login Information for External Applications
  Setting Messaging Preferences
  Setting People Connections Preferences
  Setting Preferences for WebCenter Spaces Search Results
  Selecting Your Preferred Mail Connection
  Removing Page Personalization
  Working with Favorites
  Working with the WebCenter Spaces Sidebar 
  Working with External Applications

Working with WebCenter Pages
  Introducing the Page Service and Oracle Composer
  Working with the Manage Pages Dialog
  Creating, Editing, and Deleting Pages
  Working with Page Content

Working with WebCenter Spaces Group Spaces
  Creating a New Group Space"
  Adding Content to a Group Space"
  Managing Group Space Pages"
  Customizing Standard Group Space Pages
  Applying a Look and Feel to a Group Space
  Defining Custom Attributes for a Group Space
  Creating Your Own Group Space Templates
  Setting a Group Space Display Language
  Adding Discussion or Document service to a group space
  Making a Group Space Available
  Granting Public Access to a Group Space
  Accessing Group Space Administration Pages
  Renaming a Group Space (and Changing the Group Space URL)
  Managing Group Space Services
  Taking a Group Space Offline
  Bringing a Group Space Back Online
  Closing a Group Space
  Deleting a Group Space
  Managing Group Space Templates

WebCenter Space Security
  Introduction to WebCenter space security framework
  Setting Up the Group Space Membership Policy
  Managing Group Space Roles and Permissions
  Managing Members and Assigning Roles

Integration of WebCenter services in Space
  Working with the Announcements Service
  Working with the Discussions Service
  Working with the Documents Service
  Working with the Events Service
  Working with the Links Service
  Working with the Lists Service
  Working with the Notes Service

Duration: 30hrs
Daily 1.30hr  Monday to Friday 

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