Blockchain Fast Track Online Training

Blockchain Fast Track Online Training 
Blockchain Online Training 
Blockchain  Training 

Course Duration: 10 Hours

Target Audience
Business Analysts
Software Developers
IT consultants
Job seekers

This course is aimed at people who are looking for an course on Blockchain topic and want to
become Functional or Technical Blockchain consultants. Why this course is different?
Learn Blockchain from FinTech expert who is running its own Blockchain business and
training people across the world
Understand the Blockchain architecture and framework
Understand Blockchain fundamentals and work as Functional or technical consultants

Capsule 1
Centralized Ledgers
Blockchain DLT and Decentralized Ledgers
Distributed consensus
Consensus Mechanisms ex. POW, POS, DBTF (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) etc.

Capsule 2
Blockchain Cryptography essentials
Blockchain Hash functions ex. SHA256
Bitcoin Improvement Protocol ex. BIP 32
Merkel root
Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
Digital signatures
Lab session and Excercise
Blockchain Ledger

Capsule 3
Blockchain explorers
Bitcoin Mining
Mining pools
Hardware Wallets
Security and centralization
Lab session and Excercise

Capsule 4
What is Blockchain?
Reality about Blockchain and How Blockchain works?
Blockchain Architecture and Platforms ex. BigChainDB, Corda, Ethereum etc.
DTL- Distributed ledger
Consensus Mechanisms ex. POW, POS, DBTF (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) etc.
Real demo of Blockchain with simple example
Distributed VS Decentralized network
Private and Public Blockchain
Consortium Blockchain
Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchain
Public and Private Key creation
Storing Private and Public key
Genesis Block in Blockchain
Hard fork
Consensus Mechanism
51% Attack theory
Exercise: Set up your Private Blockchain

Capsule 5
Introduction to Ethereum
Basics of Ethereum
Introduction to smart contract
Components of smart contract
Ethereum Test Rpc
Lab session and Exercise “Hello World” on Ethereum Network

Capsule 6
Introduction to Blockchain platforms ex. Multi chain
Blockchain as a service (BAAS) on Microsoft Azure
Blockchain on AWS (Amazon web services)
Blockchain on IBM Bluemix

Capsule 7
Blockchain Ripple Framework
How to create Blockchain for real projects ex. KYC, Travel Insurance etc.
Blockchain API
Blockchain waves platform
Introduction to Monero
Introduction to next generation platform- IOTA
Introduction to IOTA and Tangle Architecture
Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
Blockchain and Internet of Things

Capsule 8
Introduction to Initial Coin offerings (ICO) – Ethereum ERC 20 Token
How ICO is new way of raising money
ICO regulations
How to issue your own ICO token?
How to launch an ICO platform?
ICO Strategic and Marketing techniques
Exercise: ICO  

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