Project Accounting Training in Hyderabad

Project Accounting Training

Oracle Project Accounting Fundamentals Training will cover the common feature of Project Foundation, Project Costing and Project Billing in Oracle Enterprise Project Management Solutions Suite.

Project Foundation Fundamentals
Oracle Project Foundation provides the common features and setups shared across the products in the Oracle Enterprise Project Management solution

Participants Will Learn
ü  Identify features of organization classifications in Oracle Projects.
ü  Identify the steps to define an organization.
ü  Identify features of an organization in Oracle Projects.
ü  Identify the features of a work breakdown structure(WBS)
ü  Project and Task Definition - Project Types , Project Templates
ü  Resource and Role Definition
ü  Project Accounting Periods
ü  Set of Books and Currencies
ü  Features of Oracle Project Costing (PJC).
ü  Features of Oracle Project Billing (PJB).
ü  The course will also cover the integration of different Oracle Applications
ü  with Oracle Projects

ü  Basic knowledge of Oracle Applications Financial Modules

Project Costing Fundamentals
 Oracle Project Costing is an integrated project-based cost collection, management and accounting solution that enables organizations to effectively manage projects and  activities. Project managers are empowered with timely, detailed cost information to monitor project performance, while financial managers can track and account for the total costs of running their business

Participants Will Learn
Defining Projects for Costing
ü  Defining Costing-Related Project Information
ü  Controlling Expenditures

Entering Expenditure Batches
ü  Entering, Releasing, and Submitting Pre Approved Batches
ü  Automatically Reversing Expenditure Batches

Performing Cost Processing
ü  Performing Cost Distribution
ü  Processing Cost Adjustments
ü  Interfacing Costs
ü  Handling Cost Processing Exceptions

Setups for Costing
ü  Performing Budget entry for costing
ü  Expenditure Types, Categories
ü  Labor Cost Multipliers
ü  Non-Labor Costing

Defining Budgets for Costing
ü  Performing Budget entry for costing
ü  Defining Budgets Types and Entry Methods
ü  Defining Resource List for Budgets

Discuss the use of Project Status Inquiry (PSI)
Auto Accounting for Costs
ü  Defining Lookup Sets
ü  Defining Auto accounting Rules
ü  Assigning Auto Accounting

Implementing Burden Costing
ü  Overview of Burdening
ü  Burden Cost Bases, Codes, Structures and Schedules

Allocations and Auto-Allocations
ü  Defining Allocation Rules
ü  Processing Allocations
ü  Defining Auto-Allocations Sets

Asset Capitalization
ü  Overview of Asset Capitalization
ü  Capitalizing Assets and integrating to Fixed Assets

Cross Charge
ü  Overview of Cross Charge
ü  Overview of Borrowed and Lent Cross Charges

ü  Basic knowledge of Oracle Applications Project Foundation

Project Billing Fundamentals
Oracle Project Billing enables enterprises to simplify customer invoicing, streamline corporate cash flow and measure the profitability of contract projects. With Oracle Project Billing you can generate revenue, create the corresponding accounting entries and interface the revenue accounting to Oracle GL.  Project managers can review project invoices online and analyze project profitability and accounting managers can see the corporate impact of project work.

Participants Will Learn
Overview of Oracle Project Billing
ü  Describe the overall Project Billing process
ü  Discuss the key areas that are part of the Project Billing process

Defining a Contract Project
ü  Explain activities involved with creating a contract project
ü  Define a contract project

Agreements and Funding
ü  Discuss the use of agreements and the relationship between agreements and
ü  projects
ü  Explain how to create a revenue budget baseline from the Project Funding Inquiry
ü  window
ü  Define an agreement and fund a project
ü  Baseline funding for a project
ü  Define agreement types
ü  Define a project to allow the creation of a revenuebudget baseline from the
ü  Project Funding Inquiry window
ü  Define and explain the use of agreement templates

Generating Revenue
ü  Explain fundamental revenue concepts
ü  Generate revenue and interface it to Oracle GeneralLedger

Generating Invoices
ü  Explain fundamental invoice concepts
ü  Generate an invoice and interface it to Oracle Receivables
ü  Identify the setup in Oracle Receivable necessary for with Oracle Project Billing
ü  Identify and perform adjustments during invoice review
ü  Create adjustments to existing invoices and revenue

Accounting for Revenue and Invoices
ü  Describe the overall flow of accounting for revenueand invoices
ü  Explain the components of AutoAccounting
ü  Identify the AutoAccounting functions used during revenue and invoicing
ü  Explain the accounting flow of Un Billed Receivables & Un Earned Revenue

Discuss the Implementation Options
Explain Various PA related Reports, Profile Optionsand Tables
Interproject Billing
ü  Overview of Inter Project Billing

ü  Thorough knowledge of Oracle Applications Project Costing


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