AppDynamics Online Training in Hyderabad

AppDynamics Online Training in Hyderabad
AppDynamics Training in Hyderabad
AppDynamics Training 

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AppDynamics Online Training in Hyderabad

Sr No Topics Details Day

1 APM Introduction What is APM 1

Why its required

Case studies

2 Installation of Appdynamics Architecture

Component description

Installation of each Component

Types of Component (Agent Types)

3 Application Dashboard Dashbaord 2


4 Tiers & Nodes Definition

Server Hardware Details

Application Memory

Agent Configuration Details & Logs

5 Business Transaction Definition 3

Use of BT

How to create BT

Different sections in BT

BT Sanpshots

6 Errors & Exceptions -

7 Information Points Definition 4

Use of Infromation Ponits


8 Other Components Service EndPoints

Remote Services

Database Calls

9 Other Configuration Error Detection

HTTP / Data Collectors

Slow Transaction Thresholds


Discovery Tools

10 Dashboards Use of Dashboard 5

How to Create Dashboard

11 Reports On Demand Report

Schedule Reports

12 Alerts & Respond Definition

How to Create Health Rules

How to Create Action & Policies

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