ORPAS Training in Hyderabad

RPAS  Training from - SANAARI , Duration : 30-40hrs
RPAS Application Overview
What is RPAS?
Oracle Retail Solution Footprint
RPAS Common Platform Architecture
RPAS Architecture
Extensions and Integration
RPAS Topology
User Interface:Client Configuration
User Interface: Log On
RPAS Navigation

Physical Architecture
Hardware Requirements
Configuration Tools Requirements
Server Requirements
RPAS Client Requirements
Domain Sizing
Array Sizing
Page Sizing
Array Calculations
Approximating Array Sizes

Application Architecture
Software Requirements
Directory Structure
Domain Structure
RPAS Components
Server Components
RPAS Database Overview: Multidimensional Databases
Data Slicing
Data Dicing
Application Programming Interfaces

RPAS Components: UNIX Environment
RPAS Verification: UNIX Environment
RPAS Components: Windows Environment
RPAS Verification: Windows Environment
Platform and Solution
Installing Patches and Hot Fixes
Installation Order

Purpose of Configuration Tools
Configuration Tools Process: Overview
Configuration Tools Process: Hierarchies and Dimensions
Configuration Tools Process: Measures
Configuration Tools Process: Rule Sets, Rules and Expressions
Configuration Tools Process: Workbooks, Tabs and Worksheets
Configuration Tools Process: Data Imports
Configuration Tools Process: Build Domain
Configuration Manager
RPAS Calculation Engine: MACE
Calculation Cycle
Calculation Cycle Models
MACE: Aggregation and Spreading
MACE: Protection Processing
Calculation Options

Domain Administration
Domain Structure
Domain Types
Simple Domain
Global Domain
Measures and Global Domains
Building Domains
Domain Build Process
Running Install Scripts
Syntax Definitions
Reviewing Log Files
Confuguring the Server Connection
Starting the DomainDaemon
DomainDaemon Arguments
Testing the Domain

Batch Processes
Batch Scripts
Environment Variables
RPAS Utilities
Batch Implications

Batch Proceses: Hierarchy Management
Loading Hierarchies
Reshaping Arrays
Overview: loadHier
Using PurgeAge
Exporting positions

Batch Processes: Data Management
Loading Measure Data
Load Types
Using the loadMeasure utility
Staging Measures
Exporting Measure Data

Operational and Informational Utilities
MACE usage
Copying Domains
Workbook Maintenance
Error Handling


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