PowerShell Training in Hyderabad

PowerShell Training in Hyderabad
PowerShell Online Training in Hyderabad
PowerShell Training.
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PowerShell v4.0 Course Content

Duration : 20 to 30hrs

Course Introduction and Lab Setup
  • Windows PowerShell Orientation and Requirements
  • Finding and Discovering Commands
  • Interpreting Command Help
  • Running Commands
  • Working with PSProviders and PSDrives
  • Variables, Strings, Hashtables, and Core Operators
  • Regular Expression Basics
  • Running External Commands: Tips and tricks
  • Learning the Pipeline: Exporting and converting data
  • Understanding Objects in PowerShell
  • Core Commands: Selecting, sorting, measuring, and more
  • How the PowerShell Pipeline Works
  • Formatting Command Output
  • Comparison Operators and Filtering
  • Advanced Operators
  • Setting Default Values for Command Parameters
  • Enumerating Objects in the Pipeline

Lab 1: PowerShell core review
  • PowerShell Remoting Basics
  • Persistent Remoting: PSSessions
  • Implicit Remoting: Using commands on another computer
  • Advanced Remoting: Passing data and working with output
  • Advanced Remoting: Crossing domain boundaries
  • Advanced Remoting: Custom session configurations
  • Web Remoting: PowerShell web access
Lab 2: PowerShell remoting review
  • PowerShell Script Security
  • Prompting for Input, Producing Output
  • Creating Basic Parameterized Scripts
  • PowerShell Scripting: Logical constructs
  • PowerShell Scripting: Looping constructs
  • PowerShell Scripting: Basic functions, filters, and pipeline functions
  • PowerShell Scripting: Best practices
  • PowerShell Scripting: From command to script to function to module
  • PowerShell Scripting: Scope
  • PowerShell Scripting: Combining data from multiple sources

Lab 3: PowerShell scripting review
  • Advanced Functions: Adding Help
  • Advanced Functions: Parameter Attributes
  • Advanced Functions: Pipeline Input
  • Advanced Functions: Parameter Sets

Lab 4: Advanced Functions Review
  • Creating Private Utility Functions and Preference Variables
  • Adding Error Capturing and Handling to a Function
  • Advanced Error Handling
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Creating Custom Formatting Views
  • Creating Custom Type Extensions
  • Supporting –WhatIf and –Confirm in Functions
  • Troubleshooting and Tracing the Pipeline
  • Random Tips and Tricks

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