Data Power Training in Hyderabad

Data Power Corporate Training in Hyderabad
Data Power Online Training in Hyderabad

Data Power Administration Training- Duration 3.5 days  or 28 Hours (Online)

Initial setup
Managing firmware
Exercise: Upgrading image firmware
DataPower administration overview
Using CLI and the XML Management Interface to configure appliance access
Exercise: Using the CLI and the XML Management Interface to manage DataPower appliances
DataPower services overview
Using the WebGUI and Blueprint console to configure appliance access
Network resiliency: clustering, failover, and virtual networking
Exercise: Using the troubleshooting tools to debug errors
DataPower cryptographic tools and SSL setup
Exercise: Securing connections with SSL
DataPower caching
Configuration migration
Exercise: Managing configuration information
Appliance management tools
Exercise: Using the WebSphere Appliance Management Center
Logging and log targets
Exercise: Logging to an external system

DataPower Developer Training-Duration 5 days or 40 Hours (Online)`

DataPower administration overview
Exercise: Exercise setup
DataPower services overview
Structure of a service
Exercise: Creating a simple XML firewall
Multi-protocol gateway service
Problem determination tools
Exercise: Creating an advanced multi-protocol gateway
Handling errors in a service policy
Exercise: Adding error handling to a service policy
DataPower cryptographic tools and SSL setup
Exercise: Creating cryptographic objects and configuring SSL
Web service proxy service
Exercise: Configuring a web service proxy
Service level monitoring
Exercise: Implementing an SLM monitor in a web service proxy
XML and web services security overview
Exercise: Web service encryption and digital signatures
Authentication, authorization, and auditing (AAA)
Exercise: Web service authentication and authorization
OAuth overview and DataPower implementation
Exercise: Defining a three-legged OAuth scenario that uses DataPower services
Patterns for service configuration
Exercise: Using a DataPower pattern
Integration with WebSphere MQ
DataPower and WebSphere JMS
Exercise: Configuring a multi-protocol gateway service with WebSphere MQ
REST and JSON support for Web 2.0 and Mobile applications
Exercise: Using DataPower to implement REST services


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