WSO2 ESB Corporate Training in Hyderabad

 WSO2 ESB  Corporate Training 

Contact : sambasiva@sanaari.netCall / WhatsApp: 8008814567

 WSO2 -ESB  Day wise agenda as below.   Each Day  6 to 8hrs Training 
Day 1:
  1. SOA Governance
  2. Introduction to Integration and ESB
  3. Introduction to Carbon platform
  4. EIPs
  5. Installation of WSO2 products
  1. scheduler

Day 2:
  1. Inbuilt Mediators in WSO2 ESB
  1. Working with Proxies and Tasks
  2. Configuring Transports (JMS, VFS / Files, TCP)
  3. Message flows for routing, filtering and transforming messages
  4. Transformation - using XSLT, Xquery
  1. Usage of Java code
  2. Custom mediators
  1. Mail notification with attachments
  2. Faults & Exception Handling

Day 3:
  1. Introduction to WSO2 DSS
  2. Configuring Data sources
  3. Creating DSS service
  4. Using DSS for effective logging
  5. Polling using DSS
  6. Introduction to WSO2 BAM
  7. Usage of BAM
  8. Configuring and managing streams in BAM

Day 4:
  1. Introduction to WSO2 API manager
  2. Creating RESTFul services
  3. Creating and configuring APIs
  4. Introduction to WSO2 BPS
  5. Creating and configuring workflows in BPS

Day 5:

  1. Application Deployment
  2. Configuration Plan for Production
  3. Deployment tool maven usage in wso2
  4. Basic WS-Security principles to secure proxy services and APIs
  5. QoS with WSO2 ESB
  6. Basic admin tasks for User Management, Registry Mounting and Monitoring
  7. Testing and Troubleshooting

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