Thursday, November 28, 2013

CRM On Demand online training in India

1 Hour

What is CRM? 
Types of CRM tools in the market?
Difference between SaaS, PaaS and IaaS?
Why CRM On Demand?
2 Hours

The Role of the OOD Administrator
            Administrator tasks
                         Resources and setup templates

2 Hours

Setting Up the Company Defaults and Password Controls
                         Settings in the company profile
                         Security settings
                         Sign in and password controls

     2 Hours

     Personal Profile
     Action Bar Layout
     Data Integration Tools
     Different Types of tools
8 Hours

Managing Visibility and Access Control
                         Access profiles
                         Role management
                         Manager visibility
                         Setting up users
             Difference between Teams and Group
                         Flexible data sharing with books of business

12 Hours

Customizing Fields and Page Layout
                         New or modified fields
                         Cascading pick lists
                         Default field values
                         Web links
                         Detail page and related information section layouts
                         Dynamic page layouts
                         Homepage, Search, Action Bar, and Convert Lead layout


Setting Up a Product Catalog and Forecast Schedule
                         Products and product categories
                         Forecast types
                         Forecast schedule setup
                         Opportunity forecasts

2 Hours

Assigning Records Automatically
                         Automatically assign records
                         Assignment rule groups
                         Assignment rule criteria
     2 Hours
Embedding Your Sales Methodology
                         Sales stages and pipeline reports
                         New or modified sales processes
                         Sales process coach

3 Hours
Using Workflow Rules to Automate Actions
                         Workflow actions and trigger events
                         Workflow rules
                         Workflow monitoring

4 Hours
Managing Access to Reports and Analyses
                         Prebuilt and custom analytics
                         Visibility to data in reports
                         Access controls for reports
                         Homepage analyses

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