QlikSense Online Training in Hyderabad

QlikSense Online Training in Hyderabad
QlikSense Corporate Training in Hyderabad
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Qlik Sense Developer course structure is a mixture of demonstrations and hands on exercises of the many Qlik  Sense components. Topics covered in this course, include fundamental user interface layout and design best practices. Qlik Sense Designer course focuses on Qlik Sense application, objects such as sheets, list boxes and  charts, working with scripts, best practices, loading data, deploying Qlik Sense applications.

Total Duration
24 hours

Who should attend?

Developers, Designers & Power End-Users.

Pre requisites for attending Qlik Sense Training

1. Data warehousing concepts.
2. Basic SQL Knowledge

Learning Objectives:

Course Outline
• Introduction to Qlik Sense, history, features and architecture.
• Qlik Sense vs. QlikView.
• Qlik Sense product offerings and User Roles.
• Starting Qlik Sense, getting familiar with the interface.
• Basic Layout and Navigation
• Visualizations dashboard to get a feel of UI in Qlik Sense.
• Creating Your Workspace, creating your First Document.
• Introduction to Script editor.
• Introduction to various steps to load data from different data sources.
• Creating a connection to the database.
• Creating different types of connections.
• Introduction to Data Set.
• Loading your first QVD.
• Introduction to sections in script editor, using multiple sections to segregate your script.
• Introduction to variables.
• Sheet Objects, creating list boxes and making analysis.
• Introduction to Load statements and adding more QVDs and building data models.
• Edit Script Toolbar.
• Edit Script Menu Commands.
• Statements Area.
• Introduction to Qlik Sense statements, keywords, fields, tables.
• Naming conventions and colour schemes.
• Differences between star schema and snowflake schema.
• Introduction to Data Manager.
• Creating your first chart.
• Chart nuances and properties.
• Making Analysis happen.
• Designing your dashboard.
• Setting various user preferences and properties.
• Deciding and creating a layout.
• The DAR principle.
• Creating different charts using available metrics.
• Introduction to charting in Qlik Sense.
• Creating Bar chart, straight tables, line charts, Combo charts.
• Introduction to other Qlik Sense objects and charts, Current selections.
• Creating Scatter charts, pie charts, gauge charts, text boxes.
• Creating Master Items.
• Creating bookmarks.
• Creating Data Stories.
• Set analysis.
• Syntax and semantics.
• Using set analysis to define data sets.
• Benefits of set analysis.
• Miscellaneous topics.

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