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CCNA/CCNP Online Training in Hyderabad

CCNA/CCNP Online Training in Hyderabad
CCNA/CCNP Online Training in Hyderabad

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Contents of CCNA/CCNP is as below:
1. Basic concept of Networking
2. OSI ( Open System Interconnect) and its seven layers with detail
3. IP Addressing , Private and Public Addressing
4. Routing Protocols Overview
5. Static Routing
6. Dynamic Routing -  Distance Vector , Hybrid , Link State Protocols
7. RIP ( Routing Information Protocol)
8. IGRP ( Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)
9. EIGRP ( Enhanced IGRP)
10 BGP ( Border Gateway Protocol)
11. Switching Overview
12. STP, Trunking( ISL , 802.1Q encapsulation), Portfast, BPDUGuard, Root Guard
13. Convergence in Switching loop free network
14. RSTP, PVST, PVST+ Overview
15. Etherchannel , PAGP, LACP
16. UDLD
17. Real Time scenarios explanation.
18. ICMP, Traceroute explanation
19. Daily commands that we use in troubleshooting and Configuration
20. Various Switching models overview including brief information about Nexus and its concepts
such as vDC, VPC, FEX

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