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 Mule Online Training in Hyderabad
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Mule ESB Day Wise Session Date
Week -1 The Need of ESB, MULE as ESB,About Mule standalone server, Anypoint Studio, First example with Mule Day 1
Connectors, scopes, building apps with studio Day 2
Mule variable flow variable and session variable, Mule Message Structure and its use,Message Routing. Day 3
Flow, sub flow, flow references and build application with subflows Day 4
DB Generic Connector , MySQL Connector , HTTP Connector and endpoint, DB select operations Day 5

Week-2 Mule components - building apps with java component, expression and use of Groovy, focus on MEL Day 1
File connector, About Mule callable API with example, Objectstore and concepts of Caching, build sample app Day 2
Concepts of Rest, use of REST component, Consuming REST services, build application Day 3
Consuming SOAP services, Choice routers, service orchestartion, build sample application Day 4
Use of Quartz components, batch processing, build sample application Day 5

Week-3 VM End points, JMS Endpoints description and build sample application Day 1
Connecting Mule ESB with Third party applications, twitter, salesforce etc. Day 2
Data conversion xml and JSON, use of Dataweave and its concepts. Build sample app with dataweave Day 3
ERROR handling, concept of exceptional handling, building sample application, custom exceptional handling Day 4
Maven setting, mavinise application, debug the flows Day 5

Week -4

Concepts of Anypoint platform, cloud hub, Api gateway, onpremise, API Development using RAML Day 1

Deploying Cloudhub, Deploying Mule ESB application usingMMC Day 2

Concept of domains, develop app with domains and host it on API gateway Day 3

Integrate Gateway application with Mule ESB application, examine end to end flow Day 4

Understand end to end case study, build case study with above concepts Day 5

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