OSB Online Training in Hyderabad

OSB  Online Training in Hyderabad 
Whats app: 91 8008814567 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by SANAARI SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. OSB  Syllabus

Course Topics:
Introduction to SOA
Introduction to ESB
Introduction to Oracle Service Bus
Why Oracle Service Bus?
When should we go for OSB?

Oracle Service Bus Functional Features

Adaptive Messaging
Service Security
Service Virtualization
Service Management
Configuration Framework
OSB and the Service Life Cycle

OSB Architecture

Introduction to Proxy Service
Introduction to Business Service
Introduction to Binding Layer
Introduction to Transport Layer
OSB Message Flow Definitions

Oracle Service Bus Installations

Installing DB
Running RCU
Installing Weblogic Server
Installing SOA Suite
Installing OSB Suite
Applying OEPE
Creating a Domain
Installing JDeveloper
Applying SOA Extension in JDeveloper
Opening Eclipse

Introducing OSB Services

Understanding/Creating a new OSB Configuration in Eclipse OEPE
Creating a new OSB Project in Eclipse OEPE
Creating the folder structure to place the artifacts
Creating a business service based on the WSDL
Generating a simple pass-through Proxy Service based on the Business Service
Creating a connection/server to deploy the OSB services
Testing the proxy service through the OSB console

Exploring OSB Artifacts in Eclipse OEPE

Importing OSB Project
Exporting OSB Project
Moving artifacts in Eclipse OEPE by drag-and-drop
Copying artifacts in Eclipse OEPE from one folder to another
Moving artifacts in Eclipse OEPE inside the same OSB project
Copying artifacts from one project into another in Eclipse OEPE
Debugging services through Eclipse OEPE

OSB Message Flow Modeling

Operational Pipelines
Branch Nodes
Route Nodes
Pipeline Pairs
Operational Branching
Service Callouts
OSB Communication Actions
OSB Flow Control Actions
OSB Message Processing Actions
OSB Reporting Actions

OSB Message Processing

Using Service Callout action to invoke a service
Process a collection with the For Each action
Perform Parallel execution with dynamic Split-Join

XQuery Mapper

Overview of XQuery Mapper
Selecting Source and Target Data Types
Creating Data Transformations
Creating Element-to-Element Links
Creating Complex Transformations
Editing Data Transformations
Restricting Output of Optional Elements
Testing Data Transformations
Combining Data from Different Schemas
Creating If-Then-Else Expression

OSB Messaging with JMS Transport

Introduction to JMS Adapter
Why JMS Adapter?
When should we go for JMS Adapter?
Creating JMS Queue in Console
Creating Connection Factory in Console
Creating Connection Pool in Console
Producing a message to JMS Queue
Service Type as Messaging Service
Exploring on the JMS Protocol
Changing JMS Transport message headers and properties at runtime
Monitoring the Created message in the Queue
Consuming messages from a JMS queue

Communicating with the Database

Introduction to DB Adapter
Creating Data sources
Creating a Connection Pool
Using the DB Adapter to read the data from a table using JDevloper
Using DB adapter to poll for changes on a database table
Creating a proxy/business service from the JCA file

Dealing with the File JCA Adapter

Using the File transport to trigger proxy service upon arrival of a new file
Using the File Transport to Read the data from a file in between the message flow
Using the File Transport to write to a file

Communicating with SOA Suite

Introduction Direct Binding
Invoking a SCA composite synchronously from an OSB service
Invoking a SCA composite asynchronously from an OSB service

Oracle Service Bus Security

Introduction to OWSM
Enabling/Installing Oracle Service Bus OWSM Extension
Configuring OSB server for OWSM Policy’s
Securing a proxy service by Username Token authentication
Securing a proxy service by protecting the message

Duration: 25 to  30hrs

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