Terms and conditions for IT / NON IT Training

Terms and conditions for IT / NON IT Training
  1. We Provide  Corporate Classroom  & Online Corporate Training.
  2. After DEMO, if you like the demo session and the delivery of Trainer you need to pay the FULL Training Fee.
  3. We will not commit or give any project Training. We will not do your personal project tasks in the training. If you need Project help you have to pay extra fee.
  4. We do daily One hour session only. Note: Session Duration will increase based UPON the course. for starting batch minimum five students required to start.
  5. We are not responsible if you miss any sessions. 
  6. We Provide Videos for watching purpose , not for downloading  videos  Only for few courses  not all courses of daily sessions. 
  7. IF CLASSES Get canceled on account of trainer's unavailability for any kind of reasons, example: network, emergency, medical, unexpected travels, unexpected office schedule, unexpected on-site travels then those sessions shall continue from the nearest available day.
  8. Some times trainer may change due to unforeseen and unknown reasons, it all depends. Not all the time though, in worst cases it may happen, in such scenario we will change the trainer.
  9. You have to login daily in gotomeeting link which we have provided. If you get any error while login time kindly contact us.
  10. You should not ask trainers his/her email id,Skype id, whats app number or phone number.
  11. Each and every communication email should go via our company.
  12. Daily follow the syllabus, whatever topics have been covered, what all not covered you have to take care and if any topics are missed out, immediately intimate us.
  13. You have to send us weekly feed back how sessions are going. If you do not send us feedback, we assume that sessions are running smoothly.
  14. If you wish to skip a day, due to your own personal work, kindly let us know in advance so that we will arrange the following day. This point is applicable for One 'N' One session Training. (not for Bulk Students batch) for a batch of students if any single person needs a break due to his /her personal reasons then he/her has to follow the class video.
    The class can only be postponed for the given common holidays & Local Festivals or upon all participants request.
  15. If your hardware or software is not working, it is upon your sole responsibility to get the resolution.
  16. We are not providing any license or software.
  17. Once fee is paid no refund or transfer will be done.
  18. We are not committing on class wise document materials, If it is available trainer will provide, other wise no documents.

    Note: GST 18% Applicable  

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