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AppDyanmics SYLLABUS
1. What is APM?

2. App dynamics Architecture. with JAVA intrusion

3. App Dynamics Server details and configuration.

4. App Dynamics Admin console 

- agent management
- user management

5. Application Mapping.

6. App dynamics Client installation

7. App dynamics Client configuration

8. Business Transaction Monitoring.

9. Creation of custom Dashboards.

10.Code-Level Application Performance Diagnostics.

11.Compare Performance of Application Releases.

12. Backend details configuration and monitoring.

12.Monitor, manage, and optimize all tiers of your enterprise applications.

13.Set up proactive alerting to find problems before they hurt your business.

14.Detect and diagnose application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service.

15.Alert setup and email configuration.

16.Fix problems.

17.Tomcat Application Transaction Flows.

18.Monitoring slow queries.

19. Deep dive to Code Level.

20.Machine agent installation & configuration 

21. Details from machine agent

22. Metric browsers - complete details

23. Q&A

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