Lightning Online Training in Hyderabad

Lightning Online Training in Hyderabad
Lightning Training in Hyderabad

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Lightning Syllabus Online Training in Hyderabad
Sub Topics
Chapter 1: What is the Lightning Component Framework?
What is Salesforce Lightning?
Why Use the Lightning Component Framework?
Open Source Aura Framework
Using the Developer Console
Online Version of this Guide
Chapter 2: Quick Start
Before You Begin
Create a Standalone Lightning App
Optional: Install the Expense Tracker App
Create an Expense Object
Step 1: Create A Static Mockup
Step 2: Create A Component for User Input
Step 3: Load the Expense Data
Step 4: Create a Nested Component
Step 5: Enable Input for New Expenses
Step 6: Make the App Interactive With Events
Create a Component for Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience
Load the Contacts
Fire the Events
Chapter 3: Creating Components
Component Markup
Component Namespace
Using the Default Namespace in Organizations with No Namespace Set
Component Bundles
Component IDs
HTML in Components
CSS in Components
Component Attributes
Using Labels
Using Custom Labels
Input Component Labels
Working with UI Components
UI Events
Forms, Fields, and Labels
Chapter 4: Using Components
Adding Components to Apps
Use Lightning Components in Visualforce Pages
Configure Components for Communities
Create Custom Page Layout Components for Communities
Configure Components for Lightning Pages and the Lightning App Builder
Configure Components for Lightning Experience Record Home Pages
Tips and Considerations for Configuring Components for Lightning App Builder
Chapter 5: Communicating with Events
Handling Events with Client-Side Controllers
Actions and Events
Component Events
Handling Component Events
Component Event Example
Application Events
Handling Application Events
Application Event Example
Event Handling Lifecycle
Advanced Events Example
Chapter 6: Creating Apps - Part 1
App Overview
Designing App UI
Creating App Templates
Developing Secure Code
Styling Apps
More Readable Styling Markup with the join Expression
Using External CSS
Tips for CSS in Components
Using JavaScript
Using External JavaScript Libraries
Working with Attribute Values in JavaScript
Working with a Component Body in JavaScript
Sharing JavaScript Code in a Component Bundle
Modifying the DOM
Chapter 6: Creating Apps - Part 2
Client-Side Rendering to the DOM
Invoking Actions on Component Initialization
Modifying Components Outside the Framework Lifecycle
Validating Fields
Throwing and Handling Errors
Calling Component Methods
Making API Calls
Finding Components by ID
Dynamically Adding Event Handlers
Dynamically Showing or Hiding Markup
Adding and Removing Styles
Which Button Was Pressed?
Using Apex
Creating Server-Side Logic with Controllers
Creating Components
Working with Salesforce Records
Testing Your Apex Code
Making API Calls from Apex
Controlling Access
Chapter 7: Debugging
Enable Debug Mode for Lightning Components
Salesforce Lightning Inspector Chrome Extension
Install Salesforce Lightning Inspector
Use Salesforce Lightning Inspector
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