Oracle Workflow Online Training in India

Oracle Workflow Online Training in Hyderabad

Oracle Workflow Online Training in India

Call/Whats app: 91-8008814567

We will cover below in Practice exercises:

1 Loading and Running a Workflow Process
2 Planning a Workflow Process
3 Creating a Workflow Process
4 Defining Item Type Attributes
5 Defining Messages
6 Defining Notification Activities
7 Running a Workflow Process
8 Responding to Notifications
9 Modifying A Workflow Process
10 Defining a Specialized Worklist View Using Worklist Flexfields
11 Defining a Function Activity
12 Branching on a Function Activity Result
13 Using the Standard Assign Activity
14 Implementing Timeout Processing
15 Implementing Deferred Processing
16 Defining an Event
17 Raising an Event
18 Defining a Subscription
19 Defining Event Activities
20 Error Handling
21 Using a PLSQL Document Attribute
22 Defining a Post-Notification Function
23 Defining a Selector Function

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