SOA 12c online Training in Hyderabad

Oracle SOA 12c online Training in Hyderabad
Oracle SOA 12c online Training in Hyderabad
Oracle SOA 12c online Training in Hyderabad

Oracle SOA 12c Syllabus


Introduction to SOA
Importance of SOA
Evolution of Oracle SOA
Why Oracle SOA?
Components in Oracle SOA

Introduction to XML Concepts

Introduction to XML
Purpose of the XML
Why XML?
XML Guidelines
Well formed XML and Valid XML
Introduction to XSD
Importance of XSD
Defining an XSD
Simple Type and Complex Type
Importance of Namespace
XSD Validations
Introduction to XSL Transformation
Introduction to WSDL
Introduction to Web services
Introduction to SOAP Message

Oracle SOA Installations

Installing Database
Running RCU
Installing Weblogic Server
Installing SOA Suite
Creating a Domain
Installing JDeveloper
Applying SOA Extension in JDeveloper

Introduction to JDevloper

Creating Application
Creating Project
Introduction to SCA Architecture
Creating IDE/ Application Connection
Creating Application Server Connection
Connection to SQL Worksheet
Introduction to Application Navigator
Introduction to Component Palette
Introduction to Resource Palette
Introduction to Structure Window

Introduction to Mediator Component

Why Mediator?
Creating a Mediator
Target Type Echo/Service/Event
Understanding Importance of Source and Target in Transformation
Creating a Transformation Request/Reply
Applying Filtration
Understanding the Importance of various Templates
Invoking External Services
Introduction to Expression Builder

Introduction to MDS

What is MDS?
Why MDS?
Types of MDS
Setup/Configuring MDS
Ways to deploy the Artifact’s to MDS
Creating MDS Connection
Deploying Artifact’s to MDS through JDevloper
Accessing MDS Objects

Introduction to BPEL Component

What is BPEL?
Performing Orchestration in Oracle SOA
Creating a BPEL Process
Introduction to Default Variables
Understanding the main Scope
Introduction to Partner Links
Creating Partner Links
Understanding the Importance of various Templates
Introduction to BPEL Constructs
Introduction to Oracle Extensions
Introduction to SOA Components
Introduction to BPEL Services
Difference between Scope/Sequence
Difference between Local Variables/Global Variables
Difference between Receive and Pick Activity
Importance of Domain value Maps(DVM)

Introduction to Database Adapter

Introduction to Database Adapter
Creating Data sources
Creating a Connection Pool
Using the Database Adapter to perform DB operations
Importance of Connection and JNDI Name in the DB Adapter wizard
Creating Parameters to the DB Service Adapter
Importance of jca, Mapping and Properties files
Creating a Polling DB Service Adapter
Understanding Inbound and Outbound Services in DB Adapter

Introduction to File Adapter

Introduction to File Adapter
Understanding File Adapter Operations
Creating a File Adapter Service to Read the Data from file
Importance of Physical and Logical Paths
Understanding the File Name Patterns
Specifying the Polling Frequency and Minimum File Age
Creating the XSD with the help of Native Format Builder
Understanding the difference between Read and Synchronous Read operation
Understanding Inbound and Outbound Services in File Adapter

Introduction to JMS Adapter

Introduction to JMS Adapter
When should we go for JMS Adapter
Creating JMS Queue
Creating Connection Factory
Creating Connection Pool
Creating a JMS Service to Produce the message to a Queue
Monitoring the Creation of a message
Creating a JMS Service to Consume the message from a Queue

Introduction to Human Task

Overview of the Workflow
Creating the Human Task Component
Understanding the Sections in the Human Task
Setting the Task Title, Outcomes, Priority and Owner
Specifying the Task Payload Parameter Type
Specifying the Parameters whether to update/read only Task Properties
Assigning the Task Participants
Understanding the Identity Service Functions
Assign the Task Dynamically
Withdrawing a task
Modifying a task
Reassigning the own task
Escalating tasks
Using Human Task Activity to invoke Human Task Component

Introduction to Business Rules

Understanding the Importance of the Business Rules
Purpose of the Business Rules
Why Business Rules?
When should we use Business Rules?
Understanding Fact, Rule, Rule Set and Dictionary
Creating a Decision Service
Implementing the IF/Else Clause
Creating Custom Function
Testing Custom Function
Creating Bucket set
Creating Decision Table

Deploying Oracle SOA Services

Deploying Services to Dev Environment
Preparing a Deployment Plan for the Env like SIT, UAT and PROD
Analyzing the Deployment Plan sections
Deploying Services to the new Environment’s with the help of Deployment Plan
Importance of Services and Reference Properties in the EM

Exception Handling

Introduction to Business Faults
Introduction to Runtime Faults
Using the Fault Management Framework
Introduction to Fault Policy/ Fault bindings
Introduction to BPEL Standard Faults
Using Catch and Catch All to hanle BPLE Faults
Catching BPEL Runtime Faults
Notification Service

Introduction to Notification Service
Configuring the Setup for the UserMessaging Services
Understanding the Notification Service operations
Using/Configuring Email Activity

Securing SOA Services

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Oracle SOA 12c online Training in Hyderabad
Oracle SOA 12c online Training in Hyderabad
Oracle SOA 12c online Training in Hyderabad

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