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Appian bpm corporate training in hyderabad

Appian bpm corporate training syllabus

Hands on Practical Online and corporate Training Mentoring Program which is in High Demand in IT Job market for  Appian BPM * to Corporate  Employees and Job seekers. If you are planning to upgrade your career By  Appian BPM * , then Approach Sanaari

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Sanaari -Online class and corporate 

1. Introduction to BPM/ Appian - 5 hours
    a. Overview of Appian interfaces
    b. Plan a process model
    c. Create high level process model
    d. Create groups and add users
    e. Create constant and expression
2.    Process Modelling - 10 hours
    a.    Configure process model properties
    b.     Add variables.
    c.     Edit a start form
    d.     Debug process
    e.    Configure User Input Task
    f.      Describe data how it flows through node
    g.     Monitor inflight process
3.    Appian Data Terminology - 5 hours
    a.    Introduction to CDT
    b.    Data store creates
    c.    Configure write to data store entity
    d.    Query rules
    e.    Paging grid t display query results
4. Appian Interface Design - 10hrs
    a.    Creation of  UI using tempo and SAIL
    b.     Creation of record
    c.      Export and import application

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Appian bpm corporate training in hyderabad
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Appian bpm corporate training in chennai
Appian bpm corporate training in india

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