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Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g syllabus
Who Can Lear
  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • J2EE Developer
  • Java EE Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Architect
  • Technical Consultant

Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Product Architecture
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Systems Architecture
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Core Architecture
  • What is "Web Experience Management"?
  • About WebCenter Sites Terminology
Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: User Interfaces
  • Administration and Authorization: The WEM Admin Interface
  • Administration and Design: The Admin Interface
  • Content Management: The Contributor Interface
Creating and Configuring a New CM Site
  • Discussing User Authentication and Authorization
  • About WebCenter Sites Roles
  • Creating a CM site in WebCenter Sites 11g
  • Creating Users in the WEM Admin Interface
  • Creating and Assigning Roles in the WEM Admin Interface
Building the Content Model
  • About Assets and Asset Types
  • About Asset Definitions
  • About Parent Asset
  • Discussing Parent Definitions
  • About The Page Asset Type
  • Describing Asset Relationships
  • About Core Asset Types
Administrating and Enhancing the Usability of Your CM Site
  • About Tree Tabs
  • About Start Menu Items
  • About Attribute Editors
Configuring Dynamic Publishing
  • Publishing Methods
  • RealTime Publishing: Architecture
  • Explaining Approval Process
  • Discussing Types of Asset Dependencies
  • Creating a New Destination for Dynamic Publishing
  • Configuring a CM Site for the Destination Server
  • Approving and Publishing Content Assets
  • Site Capture: Capture Modes
Designing the Asset Data Model
  • About The Basic Asset Model
  • About The Flex Asset Model
  • About Attribute Inheritance
  • About Flex Filters
Working with WebCenter Sites Developer Tools
  • Working with SitesExplorer
  • Working with CatalogMover
  • About Property Editor
  • About Developer's Tag Reference
  • Discussing WebCenter Sites Developer Tools (Integration with Eclipse)
Programming with WebCenter Sites
  • Rendering Models and Patterns
  • About Template Design
  • About Site Design Asset Types
  • Describing WebCenter Sites Variables and Lists
  • Explaining WebCenter Sites Asset API
Building Templates
  • Invoking Other Templates and Elements
  • Retrieving and Rendering Asset Data
  • Manipulating WebCenter Sites Lists
  • Building Links to Assets
  • Rendering Images
  • Fetching Associated Assets
  • Building a Navigation Bar
Coding Templates for Web Mode
  • Discussing Requirements for In-Context Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Content Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Presentation Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Content Creation
  • Overview of Resultset Caching
  • Architectural Overview of Page Caching
  • About Cache Criteria
  • Explaining Compositional Dependencies
  • Working with Embedded Pagelets
Asset Data Modeling
  • When to use Basic and Flex Asset Models?
  • Designing Flex Asset Families
  • About Asset Relationships
  • About Asset Dependencies
  • Working with Dimension Sets
Modeling for Multilingual Sites
  • Overview of Translated Versus Localized Sites
  • Using a Blended Solution
Identifying Contribution Methods
  • Using the Contributor Interface
  • Designing a Site to Use In-Context Editing Features
  • When to Customize the Contributor Interface?
Authenticating and Authorizing Users
  • Describing Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Native User Management
  • Using Other Authentication Methods
  • Discussing Authorization With Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g
Integrating and Migrating Content
  • About XML Post
  • About Asset API
  • About REST API
  • About Content Integration Platform
Replicating Sites
  • Sharing Components
  • Copying Comonents
  • Using a Blended Model
Identifying Rendering Models and Patterns
  • Overview of Modular Page Design
  • Discussing MVC Pattern
  • Discussing Global Site Foundation (GSF) Model
Delivery Methods
  • About Dynamic: Real-Time Publishing
  • Discussing Static Publishing
  • About Mobile Delivery
  • Archiving Your Website With Site Capture
Formulating Your Caching Strategy
  • Rendering Engine Caching
  • Overview of inCache
  • Describing Asset Caching
Optimizing Your Website's Search Capabilities
  • Describing Search Engine Integration Framework
  • Discussing Search Engine Optimization
  • About Search Engine - Optimized URLs
Managing User-Generated Content
  • Designing for User-Generated Content
  • Using Community Server
  • Discussing Community Server Deployment Architecture
  • Modeling and Managing User-Generated Content

Content Server working environment
Recommendations for site design
  • Recommendations for designing the editor interface
  • Recommendations for template design
  • Other recommendations
Recommendations for content design
  • About Basic Assets and Flexible Assets
  • When should Basic Assets be used?
  • When should Flexible Assets be used?
  • Discuss design recommendations
Cache management
Integration with other applications
  • Discuss support for Web Services
  • Discuss support for RSS
  • Discuss support for Portlets (JSR-168)
  • Discuss support for REST Protocol
Good programming practices
Content Server recommendations
  • Content Server Recommendations: Nomenclature
  • Content Server Recommendations: Basic Assets
  • Content Server Recommendations: Flexible Assets
  • Content Server Recommendations: Programming
Asset API

Web center sites content integration
webcenter sites portal integration
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