BPM Online Training in Hyderabad

Oracle BPM Course  Topics:

Understanding the OBPM Architecture
·         Looking at the SOA Architecture
·         Looking at the OBPM Architecture
·         The Integrated Development Environment Using SOA and BPMN Editors
Creating and Declaring Data Objects
·         Simple and Complex Data Objects
·         Process and Project Data Objects
Creating Human Tasks to Implement Interactive Activities
·         Human Task Patterns
·         Basic Default Settings for a Simple Human Task
·         Creating a Task Form Using "Auto Generate Form"
Implementing Service Tasks in an OBPM Process
·         Understanding the Different Types of SOA Service Tasks and Service Adapters and How to Use Them
·         Creating a File Write and File Read Service
Defining Simple and XPath Expressions
·         Using the Expression Builders to Define Expressions
·         Defining XSLT Transformations for Data Used in the Process
Creating Business Rules
·         Using Decision Tables
·         Using IF/Then Rules
Defining Human Workflows
·         Using the Human Task Editor to Define Approval Flows for a Complex User Task
Creating a More Complex User Interface Using ADF
·         Creating Task Flows
·         Defining an ADF Task Page from an ADF Template
·         Understanding Your options for Customizing the Process UI
Using Catch and Throw Events to Communicate
·         Modeling Asynchronous Communication Using Various Message Events
·         Modeling Synchronous Communication Using the Service Task
·         Exposing the BPMN Process as a Service Using Message End and Message Start
·         Handling Exceptions Using Boundary Events and Event Subprocesses

Duration: 25 to 30hrs 
Daily  1 to 2 hr 
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