BPM 12c online Training in Hyderabad

Oracle BPM 12c online Training in Hyderabad

Oracle BPM 12c online Training in Hyderabad

Oracle BPM 12c online Training in Hyderabad Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by SANAARI SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Introduction to Oracle BPM Suite

Why Oracle BPM?
When should we use Oracle BPM?
Oracle BPM User Personas

Oracle BPM Installation

Installing Database
Running RCU
Installing Weblogic Server
Installing SOA Suite
Installing BPM Suite
Creating/Extending the domain

Oracle BPM Suite Components

Process Modeling and Implementation
Oracle BPM Studio
Oracle Business Process Composer
Oracle Metadata Service (MDS) Repository
Oracle BPM Engine
Oracle Human Workflow
Oracle Business Rules
Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle BPM Suite Process Participant Applications

Oracle BPM Workspace (Process Workspace)
Oracle BPM Process Spaces (Process Spaces)

Oracle BPM Development Life Cycle

Process Modeling
Oracle BPM Studio
Oracle Business Process Composer
Deployment directly from Oracle BPM Studio
Deployment directly from Business Process Composer
Deployment using an exported SAR file

Oracle BPM Runtime

User interaction
Process management and monitoring
Process creation
System administration

Using Oracle BPM Studio

Introduction to Oracle BPM Studio
Introduction to Oracle BPM Projects
Introduction to the Process Editor
Working with Processes
Working with Flow Objects in Your Process
Importing and Exporting Process Models

Handling Information in Process Design

Introduction to Data Objects
Introduction to Process Data Objects
Introduction to Activity Instance Attributes
Introduction to Subprocess Data Objects
Introduction to Project Data Objects
Introduction to Arguments
Scope and Access
Introduction to Data Associations
Introduction to Transformations

Process Simulation

Introduction to Process Simulation
Creating simulation models
Creating simulation definition
Running a simulation
Analyzing simulation results
Reengineering the BPM Process to improve performance

Business Catalog

Introduction to the Business Catalog
Adding a New Module
Deleting a Module

Business Objects

Introduction to Business Objects
Working with Business Objects
Using a Business Object in a Process

Human Workflow in BPM Process

Introduction to Human Tasks in BPM
Human Task Patterns in Oracle BPM
Creating Human Task Service Components
Creating task definition and the task payload
Defining assignments—stage and single participant
Defining assignments—sequential stage and serial participant
Defining assignments—management chain participant
Defining Assignments—parallel participant type
Testing the process

Using Business Rules

Introduction to Business Rules in Oracle BPM
Why Business Rules?
Purpose of the Business Rules
Creating a Rule Set
Creating a If/Then Rule Set
Defining Globals and Bucketsets
Defining the Rule: Decision Table

Services and References in Oracle BPM

Introduction to Services and References
Introduction to Service Adapters in Oracle BPM
Introduction to Oracle Mediator in Oracle BPM
Introduction to BPEL Processes in Oracle BPM
Using Services in Oracle BPM
Using References in Oracle BPM

Using Oracle BPM Workspace (Process Workspace)

Understanding Process Workspace
Logging In to Process Workspace
Navigating through
Process Workspace
Process Workspace Tasks Page
Process Workspace Activity Guides Page
Process Workspace Process Tracking Page
Process Workspace Standard Dashboards Page

Navigating through Tasks in Process Workspace

Claiming and Releasing Tasks in Process Workspace
Modifying History Approval options in the Task Details Page
Combining Repeated Approvals of a Task in the History
Excluding System Approvals from a Task
Including New Participants in an Existing Task
Reassigning and Delegating Tasks in Process Workspace
Adding Comments and Attachments to Tasks in Process Workspace
Requesting Information in Process Workspace
Setting Rules, Vacation Periods, and Notification Preferences in Process Workspace
Create User Rules in Process Workspace
Create Group Rules in Process Workspace
Enabling a Vacation Period in Process Workspace

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