Monday, May 13, 2013


AGENDA for Vmware
1.Introduction to vmware and the products used for Virtualization and cloud.
2.Install and Config of ESX/ESXi
3.Install and config Vcenter along with the Database config.
4.Standard Networking (Vswitch,DVswitch) config
5.Distributed Virtual Networking
7.Install and config of Virtual machine
8.rapid Vm deployment
9.Access control.
10.Resource Monitoring
11.Resource Management
12.Vmotion,storage Vmotion, cold migration.
13.VMware DRS
14.VMware DPM
15.VMware HA
16.VMware FT
17. VMware updatemanager,
18.Vmware VCB
Prior knowledge of windows, linux and Networking is desirable else time will take more longer.
Each module will take about 2Hr - 3 Hr (excluding lab).

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