Alfresco Corporate Training in Hyderabad

Alfresco Corporate Training in Hyderabad
Alfresco Corporate Training 
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We Provide corporate Training on Alfresco 

Ø  Alfresco Introduction
Ø  Architecture of Alfresco
Ø  Installation
Ø  Configure Database
Ø  Understanding Alfresco Explorer
Ø  Understanding Alfresco Share
Ø  Permissions & Custom Permissions
Ø  Content Automation using Rules
Ø  Default Workflows
Ø  Importing and Exporting Content
Ø  Access Alfresco Different Ways
Ø  Working with Content Model
Ø  Create new Content Model
Ø  Creating Custom JSP
Ø  Creating Custom Action Class
Ø  Content management using CMIS
Ø  Content Management Using web service API
Ø  JavaScript API
Ø  Free marker Templates
Ø  Web script Architecture
Ø  Creating Webscripts
Ø  Custom Workflows
Ø  Advance Web scripts
Ø  Creating Dashlets
Ø  Customizing Share User Interface
Ø  Record management
Ø  Email Archiving
Ø  Alfresco Addons
Ø  LDAP Configuration

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