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Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Training Syllabus.

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC): Architectural Overview

Basic architecture & use case overviewUnderstanding OIC components & capabilitiesBasic configuration workflow steps

Creating Packages and Using Pre-built Integrations
Describe and use a pre-built OIC integrationCreate, export, and import packagesEditing a pre-built OIC connectionVersioning and Activating integrations

Configuring Adapters and Defining ConnectionsUnderstanding OIC built-in adaptersConfiguring trigger and invoke adapter propertiesDefining REST and SOAP adapter propertiesUnderstanding ERP Cloud/HCM Cloud /FTP/Database adapter

Defining and Configuring IntegrationsDescribe the OIC-supported message exchange patternsUnderstanding the steps for creating an OIC integrationUsing the Basic Map integration patternUsing the publish and subscribe to OIC integration pattern

Data Mapping and LookupsTransforming data with the OIC mapperAdvanced mapping using XPath functionsUnderstanding OIC data lookupsSharing information between applications using lookupsUsing the built-in lookup function

Advanced Integrations and OrchestrationsCreating content-based routing filters and branchesCreating conditional expressionsUsing the Orchestration integration pattern

Orchestrations View OptionsLeverage the three different views for editing Orchestration integrationsUse the new Inline MenuFeature Flags in OIC - Lifecycle

Advanced Integrations and Orchestrations
Use the OIC Recommendation Engine for data mappingTake advantage of the new OIC Nested Scopes featureLeverage the new OIC Invoke Local Integrations featureChange connections in an integration using the REST API

Agents for SaaS and On-Premises IntegrationUnderstand the benefits of using agentsDescribe how the agent framework implements connectivity for integrationsCreate a connection to on-premises endpointsDescribe the steps to perform an agent management task

Monitoring IntegrationsUsing the OIC dashboard to get runtime data and metricsUnderstand how to filter and track messagesConfigure and use business identifiers for tracking fieldsMonitor and manage runtime integration errors

Migrating OIC Integration FlowsMigration OverviewHigh Level Steps for OIC Migration

OIC Tips & Best Practices
ERP Design patterns
HCM Design patterns
Process Automation
Introduction to Oracle Process Cloud ServiceOracle Process Cloud Service: OverviewOracle Process Cloud Service: FeaturesProcess Composer: Design-Time EnvironmentWorkspace: Runtime EnvironmentIntroduction to the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) Business ProcessCharacteristics of a Business ProcessWeb Services: SOAP and REST

Creating and Managing Process ApplicationsWhat Is a Process Application?Process Cloud Service Features for a Process ApplicationCreating an Application in Process Builder by Using the QuickStart AppCustomizing, Testing, and Activating a Created Application
Creating Attributes in Forms EditorCreating Data Objects in Process EditorData AssociationCustomizing Forms Using CSSReusing Forms

Human Task in Process Cloud ServiceHuman Tasks in Process Cloud ServiceHuman Interaction with a Business ProcessTypes of Human TasksHuman Task ImplementationsWho Will Perform the Interaction?How a Workflow Is RoutedTypical Steps for Creating a Human TaskImplementing Human TasksConfigure Reminders and ExpirationsMap Data Between Elements of the Process and Human TaskConfigured Task Displayed Under My Tasks at Run TimeEmail Notification Using Human Task

Connecting Process Workflows with Integration Flows
Visual Builder
Introduction to Oracle Oracle Visual BuilderDescribe Oracle Visual BuilderDiscuss Oracle Visual Builder Value PropositionTypes of applications (Classic/Visual/Web/Mobile)Explain Oracle Visual Builder ArchitectureCreate and Access Oracle Visual Builder Instance

Connecting to DataTypical Visual Application Development WorkflowExplain data connection methodsWorking with Service ConnectionsCreate and Edit Business ObjectsAccessing and Securing Business ObjectsRules for Business ObjectsWorking with the Data ManagerWorking with the Business Object Diagrammer

Developing Visual Applications
Understand an Application’s StructureUnderstand the Application DesignerCreate Visual ApplicationsWorking with Application ArtifactsWorking with Flow ArtifactsDesigning Pages

Elements of Visual BuilderAbout the Building Blocks of Visual ApplicationsUnderstand VariablesUnderstand Actions and Action ChainsUnderstand Page Flows and LifecyclesUnderstand UI ComponentsREST endpoints

Calling Process Workflows from Visual Builder
Calling Integration Flows from Visual Builder

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