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Oracle Integration Cloud – Course content

Day 1
  • Overview of OICS
  • Starting Oracle Integration Cloud Service
  • Product capabilities
  • How integrations works with sample diagram
  • Overview of connections
  • Overview of Lookups
  • Overview of Packages
  • Overview of monitoring dashboard
  • Typical Workflow for Creating Integrations with Oracle Integration Cloud Service
  • Navigating Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Day 2 - 3
  • Understanding Integration Patterns
  • Which type of integrations to be used when
  • Creating a Connection
  • Adding a Contact Email
  • Configuring Connection Properties
  • Configuring Connection Security
  • Testing the Connection
  • Editing a Connection
  • Cloning a Connection
  • Deleting a Connection
  • Unlocking a Connection
  • Adding a Trigger (Source) Connection
  • Adding an Invoke (Target) Connection
  • Sample echo service
  • Managing Integrations
  • Activating an Integration
  • Deactivating an Integration
  • Modifying an Integration
  • Viewing the Trigger, Invoke, and Enrichment Details of an Integration
  • Cloning an Integration
  • Creating a Draft of an Integration
  • Refreshing Integration Metadata
  • Unlocking an Integration

Day 4
  • Provide sample WSDL file and make the changes. Upload WSDL in OIC.
  • How WSDL looks like after creating connections in UI
  • Trigger and invoke, for each, mapping, integrations mapped and not mapped
  • Oracle recommendations for mapping
  • Test the mappings

Day 5
  • Creating an Integration to Publish Messages to Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Creating an Integration to Subscribe to Oracle Integration Cloud Service
Day 6
  • Creating Mappings
  • Modifying Mappings
  • Deleting All Mappings
  • Mapping Faults
  • Adding Customized Mappings to Prebuilt Integrations
  • Removing Customized Mappings from Prebuilt Integrations
  • IAR file concept
  • Check all the data and xml’s and learn about those in detail

Day 7
  • Creating a Lookup
  • Adding Adapters or Domain Names to a Lookup
  • Cloning a Lookup
  • Deleting a Lookup
  • Updating Lookups
  • Creating the lookupValue Function
  • Accessing the Build Lookup Function Wizard
  • Selecting the Lookup Table
  • Selecting the Source and Target Columns
  • Specifying the Default Value
  • Reviewing Your Lookup Table Selections

Day 8 - 9
  • OIC functions available and how to use it in mapping
  • Use case and testing of major functions of OICS
  • Oracle Flow ID
  • Getting flow id in email notification
  • Assign multiple variables and reuse those variables
  • Create orchestration integration with all the above scenarios

Day 10
  • Scheduling Integration Runs
  • Creating an Integration Schedule
  • Creating Parameters in Scheduled Integrations
  • Starting and Pausing an Integration Schedule
  • Viewing Past and Present Integration Runs
  • Viewing Future Runs
  • Editing an Integration Schedule
  • Deleting an Integration Schedule
  • Monitoring Integration Runs

Day 11
  • Using Libraries to Manage Functions for Integrations
  • Registering an API Library
  • Editing Library Details
  • Determining Which Integrations Use a Library Function
  • Deleting a Library
  • Downloading a Library File
  • Using Library Functions in Orchestrations

Day 12
  • OIC Wait functionality
  • When to use wait and its advantages and disadvantages
  • Real time use case of wait using use case of Oracle Transportation Management
Day 13
  • Sending Service Failure Alerts, System Status Reports, and Integration Error
  • Reports by Notification Emails
  • Setting Logging Levels and Downloading Diagnostic Logs
Day 14
  • Breaking integrations into parts and following best practices
  • Raise error explicitly and track under error
  • Switch activity
  • For each
  • While loop
  • Using stage file concept
  • Real world application under stage file

Day 15
  • About Error Management
  • About Business Identifiers for Tracking Fields in Messages
  • Resubmitting Failed Messages
  • Viewing the Status of Message Recovery

Day 16
  • Registering API libraries
  • How to make function calls in OIC using API libraries
  • How to handle errors of function calls

Day 17 – 20
  • Looking deeper into Oracle ERP adapter
  • How to use ERP adapter and which fields are available
  • How to leverage oracle recommendation engine
  • Looking into Oracle Sales Cloud adapter
  • Looking into SFTP adapter
  • Looking into Oracle Transportation management adapter
  • Use case of error handling and real time applications
  • Managing user roles
  • Real world integration samples
  • Follow integration best practices

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