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    Fuse ESB Online Training in Hyderabad

Fuse ESB Training
 Jboss Fuse Training
Duration: 1hr each session 18 to 20 sessions

FUSE ESB Training / JBOSS FUSE Training
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Fuse ESB/ Jboss Fuse (based on Apache ServiceMix)
  •  Installing the binaries                                                  
  •  Building from the source         
  • Configuring and running the Jboss Fuse kernel   
  • Introduction to the Jboss Fuse shell   
  • Working with Eclipse and Maven       
  • Writing and deploying your own OSGi bundles using SpringDM  
  • Registering your own Java business logic as OSGi services 
  • Integrating your bundle’s logging with Jboss FUSE  logging mechanism
Fuse Services Framework (based on Apache CXF)
  • Creating a WSDL-first web service and deploying in Fuse as an OSGi bundle  
  • Creating a RESTful services using JAX-RS and deploying in Fuse as an OSGi bundle
Fuse Mediation Router (based on Apache Camel)
  •   Deploying an EIP using Camel in Jboss ESB
  •   Deploying components using Camel in Jboss ESB
  •   Reading files from JMS queue, splitting, and invoking on an OSGi service 
Fuse messaging queue (based on Apache Activemq)

  •  Integration of activeMQ with Jboss fuse
  •  ActiveMQ integration with camel
  •  ActivemQ broker master/ slave concept

Note: - For DEMO on practical’s we use Jboss Fuse 6.0 latest version

Detailed Agenda
1.    Introduction to JBOSS FUSE
2.    Installation binaries(JBOSS, MAVEN)
1.    Osgi commands
2.    Introduction on FAB(fuse application bundle)
3.    Configuration of CXF endpoint and logging features
4.    Customizing the HTTP PORT in Jboss Fuse
5.    DEMO on SOAP based webservice

1.    Introduction to CAMEL
2.    CAMEL Enterprise integration pattern (EIP)
a)    Content based routing
b)    Message Filter
c)    Dynamic Routing
d)    Recipient List
e)    Splitter
f)    Aggregator
g)    Wire Tap
3.    What is Direct: component
4.    DEMO on Camel EIP to solve integration problems(using a,b,d,e,g)
1.    Simple expression language <simple>tag
2.    Message Transformation: Normalizer Pattern
3.    Message System: Message translator pattern
4.    Message construction: Inonly [Event message]
5.    Features concept in fuse esb and how to create a custom feature repository.
6.    Followed by DEMO
1.    Introduction of ActiveMQ
2.    Master/ Slave concept with DEMO
1.    Messaging Channel: Dead letter Channel
2.    Difference between Dead letter channel and default error Handler
3.    What is Redelivery Policy?
4.    Redelivery default values
5.    Exception clause: Exception handling in camel
6.    How to catch multiple Exceptions in camel?
7.    How to make exception being handled?
8.    How to handle and continue Exceptions in camel?
9.    Demo on camel errors example
1.    Message Routing: Aggregator (EIP)
2.    Aggregator options
3.    What is predicate?
4.    Introduction to HawtDB(camel default memory)
5.    How to configure HawtDB aggregation repository in camel
6.    How to configure aggregation strategy in camel
7.    What is stream: in and stream: out in camel?
8.    Camel maven plugin to use camel:run command
9.    Demo on aggregator pattern
1.    Camel-Jdbc component
2.    Camel-Jdbc options
3.    Camel Embedded apache DERBY database and it’s configuration in camel context
4.    Camel Simple Dataset component
5.    Camel Timer component
6.    Demo on camel-jdbc component with an embedded apache DEBRY database(Using SimpleDataset and Time components)
1.    Camel SQL component
a)    Treatment of the Message body
b)    Result of the query
c)    Data source configuration
d)    Configuration of SQL component in camel
2.    How to install activeMQ web console in karaf
3.    Demo on Camel SQL and JDBC component using MYSQL Database
1.    Camel VM: component
2.    Demo Camel Dynamic Routing

1.    Camel Message routing: Multicast pattern
2.    Multicast pattern options
3.    Camel Message routing: Resequencer pattern
4.    Resequencer pattern options
5.    Demo on Multicast and resequence patterns
1.    Camel Message Transformation : Claim check pattern
2.    Camel Message Transformation : Content Enricher pattern
a)     Content enrichment using enrich DSL element
b)    Content enrichment using pollEnrich
1.    Demo on camel Claim check pattern
2.    Camel restlet component
3.    Demo on camel restlet using JDBC component
          Demo on Payment service system (Real-time scenario Using camel EIP, webservice, batch processing)

1.    Java DSL RouterBuilder abstract class
2.    Camel SEDA: component
3.    Demo on Coffee cafĂ©(using Camel EIP, Camel SEDA:, java DSL, xml DSL)
1.    Camel Velocity: component
2.    Camel SMTP: component
3.    Demo on real time scenario Report incident system(using Camel EIP, Camel velocity:, SMTP)
1.    Camel tracer
2.    Demo on camel tracer using Mysql database
1.    Camel hibernate: component
2.    Demo on camel hibernate: component using Mysql Database

Note:- sessions may extend in-order to help candidate in executing Demo's

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