AWS Certified Developer Associate Training in Hyderabad

Introduction of Cloud
The History So Far
IAM - Lab 
Active Directory Federation 
Web Identity Federation 
IAM - Summary 

Create an EC2 Instance 
The AWS CLI - Using Credentials 
The AWS CLI - Using Roles 
Installing PHP & Composer 
Using the PHP SDK to access S3 
EC2 Instance Meta-data
Elastic Load Balancers 

S3 Essentials 
Create an S3 Bucket Using the Console 
Create an S3 Website 
CORS Configuration 
S3 Version Control 
S3 Lifecycle Management & Glacier 
Cloud Front Overview 
Create a CDN 
S3 Transfer Acceleration 

Database Essentials 
Introduction to DynamoDB 
Creating a DynamoDB Table 
DynamoDB Indexes 
Scan vs Query API Calls 
DynamoDB & Provisioned Throughput 
Using Web Identity Providers To Connect To Authenticate To DynamoDB

Introduction to SNS 
Creating an SNS Topic 
SNS Summary 
Introduction to SWF 
Using Cloud Formation 
Using Elastic Beanstalk 

VPC Overview 
Building our own custom VPC
Creating a NAT instance
Network Access Control Lists
Shared Responsibility Model 
Exam Blue Print 

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