OA Framework Applications Training in Hyderabad

 Extend Oracle Applications:

Building OA Framework Applications  

  • Understanding OA Framework and it's Architecture

  • Understanding MVC Design Patterns

  • Setting Up Your Development Environment

  • Implementing Your First Page

  • Understanding the Basics of the Model

  • Understanding the Basics of the View

  • Understanding the Basics of the Controller

  • Implementing a Search

  • Implementing a Create

  • Implementing an Update

  • Implementing a Delete

  • Debugging OAF Applications

  • Other Fundamental OA Framework Concepts (like using PLSQL in OAF, Logging, Function Security,
  • Back Button handling, OAF to forms mapping, Coding and Naming Standards)
 Personalization Concepts

·         Types and capabilities of personalization
·         Personalization concepts and terminology

User-level Personalizations

·         Features
·         Capabilities

Administrator-Level Personalizations

·         Features
·         Capabilities

Advanced Personalization Features

·         Flexfields on OA Framework Pages

Customizable Look and Feel

·         Concepts and Features
·         Capabilities

Deploying Personalizations and Extensions

·         Methods


·         Features
·         Methods

Introduction to Extensions

·         Terminology
·         What happens from the start?
·         Behind the scenes

Extension Basics

·         Types and Capabilities of Extensions
·         Basic OA Framework Lab
·         Assembling Components Lab

(Optional) Prerequisites for Learning OAF         

·         Introduction to Java
·         Java Concepts necessary for OAF:
·         Inheritance, Encapsulation, Exceptions, Common Java errors etc
·         XML Basics
·         Introduction to basics of System Administration Fundamentals/Navigation in Oracle Applications

Duration: 30hrs

Daily 1.30mini or 2 hr 

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