Thursday, March 5, 2015

Live Interaction Product (LIP)

Module 1 [Basic Linux Training]
·         Introduction  and Installation of Linux
·         File systems and its structure
·         Basic commands & Editors
·         Creation, Formatting and Mounting of Linux Partition
·         Logical Volume Management
·         User and Group Administration
·         Permissions and ACL's
·         Runlevels
·         Selinux and Iptables
·         RPM and YUM Package Management
·         DNS Server
·         DHCP Server
·         FTP Server
·         NFS Server
·         Samba Server
·         Web Server
·         Mail Server
Module 2 [Real Time Training]
·         Introduction of L-3 and L-4 Network Structure
·         Introduction, Importance of Monitoring and Monitoring Tools
·         Installation of LAMP
·         Installation and Configuration of Monitoring Servers [Total 3 Servers]
·         Integration of Linux Servers and Windows Servers into Monitoring Servers
·         Zimbra Mail Server Configuration
·         Installation and Configuration of Ticketing Tool
·         Installation and Configuration of Chat Server
·         Standard Operation Procedure, Priority Levels and Escalation Format
·         Roles and Responsibilities of L-1  Linux System Engineer
·         Interview Questions and  Resume Preparation

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