Thursday, July 11, 2013

Training in Oracle Demantra

Training in Oracle Demantra 

Sanaari is Offering Real Time Classes for Corporate IT-Employees and Job Seekers. So if you are willing to upgrade your skill set in the following platforms come and attend first two introductory sessions, if you like our quality of training you can confirm your seat. 

For more details contact at: SANAARI, SR Nagar, Hyderabad- Tel: 9618814567 or email:

New Batch from Saturday at 9.00AM IST  13Th July 2013


What is Oracle Demantra?
Oracle Demantra is an excellent solution provider of demand management, planning of sales & operations, and trade promotions management. It makes a establishment to be driven by demand, maintain stability in demand and supply, optimization and conduct promotions.

The objectives of the course are to learn process flow of Demantra Demand Management, Demantra S&OP Process Flow, introduction to Worksheet and Collaborator Workbench, Worksheet and Filters, Demantra Software Components, Dimensions, Hierarchies and Levels. Introduction to Demantra Security, Workflows and Methods, organize to Order Products, Analytical Engine, New Product Introduction, Advanced integration and Data Model are also made familiar to the candidates.

Why I need Oracle Demantra
Demantra Demand Management solution lets you understand, plan and practically respond to demand that supports your business between departments and users. It allows you to form new products on the basis of the lifecycle of existing products, or supersede existing products. Demantra Real-time Sales & Operations Planning gives the information and planning tools to planners and managers to command day-to-day planning processes. It provides the foundation for an open sales and operation planning process to enable the existing and upcoming best practices in suitable demand-driven planning. Demantra Predictive Trade Planning gives you accurate and classy forecast, simulation in advance and evaluating the past events- on the finger tips of the manager.

Who can learn Oracle Demantra?
Oracle Demantra should be learnt by Functional Implementer and sales consultants for enhancing their productivity.

What job prospects are there for Oracle Demantra?

Oracle Demantra consultant, value chain planning consultant, oracle architect etc. and so on are various prospective jobs for oracle Demantra professionals.

What are the prerequisites
Oracle Demantra?
The basic prerequisites for Oracle Demantra are Understanding of Supply Chain Management, Value Chain Management and Demand Management and knowledge of solid foundational product.

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