Friday, December 14, 2012

EMC NetWorker Administration for Unix and Microsoft Windows

Duration :- 4 day  (8hr * 4)

Fast track Duration :- 2 day (8h*2)

Module :-

1.  Networker Overview, Installing NetWorker and NetWorker Management Console

2. NetWorker Resources and Administrative Interfaces

3.  Performing Backups

4.  Customizing the Backup Environment

5.  NetWorker Media Management

6.  Configuring and Managing Autochangers

7.  Configuring and Managing Standalone Devices

8.   NetWorker Database Management

9.  Performing Cloning and Staging

10.  Administering the NetWorker Server

11.  Administering the NetWorker Management Console Server

12. NetWorker Recovery Overview

13. Performing a Browsable Recovery

14.  Performing a Save Set Recovery

15.  Recovering a NetWorker Server

16. NDMP backup and recovery overview

17. module backup overview


Labs for all module.


Lab requirement:- Windows Server, tape library (optional),Celerra or NetApp (optional)

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